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Any source manuscript which has low readability would come under Professional Service category explained below. Only readable text from the source document is typed. The text would only be typed in Courier New, in a letter size paper with 1 inch all around margin, one line break between 0.

Typewriting services singapore turf

Steinberg 3 EVERY invention, while adding to the comfort or welfare of society, introduces its own peculiar problems. We think of rapid transportation, for example, as a boon to mankind. Primarily, it is; but, at the same time, those who refuse to conform to society's rules of conduct make of it an aid to the law-breaker.

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The modern criminal employs the speedboat, the airplane, especially the fast motor-car and our hard roads as means to accomplish his own ends. He has greatly shortened the time it takes him to escape from the scene of a crime. While speed has been added to the kit of the up-to-date criminal, science, fortunately, has been able to answer this speed with more speed.

Invention keeps a pace ahead of the enemies of society.

typewriting services singapore turf

The evil-doer knows that, whereas a few years ago half an hour or longer might elapse before a policeman put in his appearance, it is now likely to be a matter of only a few minutes before a dozen or more officers of the law reach the scene.

Escape time has been greatly reduced. And this diminution has been brought about chiefly by agencies of communication - the telephone, the teletypewriter and the radio, along with improved techniques for their application to law enforcement. With time having become so important an element in the apprehension of typewriting services singapore turf, it is essential that the public cooperate with police forces in order to secure the maximum of protection.

None is more aware of this fact than the police official. Constantly, police departments urge citizens not to delay in reporting to headquarters not only crimes which are witnessed but suspicious persons or circumstances. In general, it may be said that there are three types of police communication.

First, there is the telephone. With its 87,-miles of wire, its army of trained, alert workers motivated by the traditional Spirit of Service, the telephone system offers the means of making the quickest possible contact between the public and the police.

When you say to the operator " I want a Policeman " you have taken the first necessary step in law enforcement. To the police forces the telephone is indispensable.

Not only do their switchboards handle the many calls from the public but countless messages from one police official to another go over the board. As the police go into action in the war against crime, not only the telephone but the teletypewriter and the radio come into play.

The telephone, the teletypewriter and radio, all three, are swift, practical and dependable; but, the teletypewriter, with its printed record, its duplicate copies, its ability to receive messages at unattended stations, its secrecy and its power to communicate simultaneously with many points over a wide area, offers features of special value to law enforcement bodies, and, accordingly, forms the basic system in a modern police communication network.

For establishing contact over a limited area between headquarters and mobile police units, such as automobiles, radio is proving of increasingly great value.

Moore, Inspector of the New York State Police and Director of the New York State Police School, who is in command of the state police teletypewriter and radio systems, emphasizing the value of these services in a recent talk in Richmond, Va.

Any errors in transmission might result in serious com- 14 plications. The accuracy must be supplemented by rapidity of transmission, and the rapidity of transmission must place the information at all points within a given area simultaneously in order to be of value.

Criminals leaving the scene of their operations may depart in one specific direction only to change their course, and perhaps double on their tracks.

It is therefore obvious that all directions of the compass must be considered in the hunt for these malefactors. I believe it is valuable and has its place in any well organized communication system.

Radio presents possibilities for limited areas, but in New York state it would be practically impossible to have one radio system capable of reaching throughout the entire state.

There are several municipal police stations and these are having highly successful results. However in a broad area, such as New York [state], radio must of necessity be supplemental to teletypewriter.

Parker on " Crime and the State Police," says of teletypewriter systems and other modern instruments in use by the police: Perhaps this is nowhere so evident as in the use of quick means of communication.

The teletypewriter system as installed by the New York State Police is an outstanding achievement in State Police communication. Teletypewriter Service Simply expressed, a teletypewriter is an electrical device for typewriting by wire.

Perfected in when it was known as printing telegraph equipment it has been continuously improved. Today, including machines for both private lines and 15 switched service, some 1, teletypewriter stations provided exclusively for police purposes are actively in use in the United States.

This number is rapidly increasing. Sincewhen various municipalities in Connecticut began to use a private line teletypewriter system, the importance of the device in police communication systems has steadily grown. On December 23,the first state police teletypewriter system was inaugurated by Pennsylvania.Business & Professional Services, Typing Service, Typewriting Service, Chinese And English Typing Service, Chinese And English Typing, Business Services Li Heng Chinese & English Typing Service - Singapore.

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