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Publication of the discovery in Nature. Request sent to Spitzer to observe the March 28th transit opportunity which was successful. Jan 3rd The scientific paper is accepted by Nature. They also communicate their enthusiasm at the idea of pairing our scientific paper with a sci-fi short story.

Oct 7th End of observations with Spitzer. Excitement is at its peak! Sep 19th Beginning of observations with the Spitzer Space Telescope.

By this date our collected ground-based data made clear that more that the original period for TRAPPIST-1d was incorrect that more than 3 planets orbited the star.

The Hubble Space telescope is recording the event. May 2nd Public announcement that three Earth-sized planets orbit a nearby ultracool dwarf. Feb 18th Scientific article is accepted by Nature. Intense photometric monitoring of the star begins.

These observations demonstrated it was possible to discover Earth-sized planets from the ground, using small telescopes. In the short term, photometric follow-up using the repurposed Kepler satellite named K2 along with with newer observations using Spitzer ought to reveal the period of planet 1h.

We will also search for additional planets.

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Theses lightcurves, combined with ground-based measurements will increase the number of transit timing measurements for each of the planets.

This will give us more accurate masses and orbital eccentricities.


This will confirm whether the planets are mostly rocky or whether they contain a certain amount of volatiles, like water.

The James Webb could in principle measure the temperature of the planets, and detect the chemical composition of their atmospheres. The advantage of having seven planets in one system is that we will be able to compare them to one another.

All will be amenable for in-depth atmospheric investigations with the James Webb. We see little very impact from stellar activity. This slightly affects the distance of the planets are from the star. Earthquakes may even trigger at conjunction. Tidal interactions could be making planet e and f more habitable, triggering tectonics.

There appears to be so many of these worlds! This suggests the outer planets could keep an atmosphere, and some oceans. They also revise the distance of the star to 41ly.

The star is likely older than our Sun 7. Important implications about orbital stability. All planets are likely in three body resonances.

Earth-massed planets orbiting very low mass stars ought to be in resonances.

This study suggests lighter masses, meaning lower densities, implying large amount of water None of them can cast a total eclipse though, nevertheless, likely a nice spectacle! Planetary parameters are therefore robust.

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