Example convention proposal

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Example convention proposal

The term also raises the specter of a radical and unexpected constitutional change, such as a proposal to repeal the Bill of Rights or the like. My article on the subject, Reopening the Constitutional Road to Reform: I evaluate the risks of a runaway convention in light of the constitutional text, structure and purpose of Article V and suggest that these risks are much smaller than often suggested.

I also suggest additional safeguards that can be put in place to further minimize any risk of a runaway convention. One safeguard of particular relevance to this blog would be for the House or Senate or both to adopt a rule that would prohibit submitting an out of scope amendment to the states for ratification.

Before an amendment proposed by a convention may be ratified by the states, Congress must select the method of ratification i.

Example convention proposal

If the proposed amendment is constitutionally invalid, Congress need not and indeed should not submit it to the states for ratification.

Of course, Congress may be reluctant to take this step for the same reasons that the Framers provided for the Article V convention in the first place- Congress has no desire to facilitate adoption of the type of amendments that the states are likely to propose.

Example convention proposal

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