Essay on indian energy synario

Hire Writer With sufficient political will and the right policy frameworks, it could do even more. This paper gives a brief on the history of wind energy in India, the current state of production, the major policies that are guiding the industry at the moment and also suggests a way forward for the industry. Renewable energy is growing rapidly in India. With an installed capacity of

Essay on indian energy synario

Short essay on Energy Scenario in India K. The energy scenario is not very satisfactory in India. Although there has been constant increase in the installed capacity for energy generation through the plans the gap between demand and supply of energy is increasing.

The shortfall in energy supply was 7. The peak-demand shortfall is in the range of 20 per cent. This has bottlenecked economic growth. The total energy supplies commercial and non-commercial increased from Fuel wood alone accounts for 65 per cent of the non-commercial energy consumed.

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There has been an increasing trend in the production of primary commercial energy. The out- 6, The targets for are million tons for coal, It is an indicator of its efficient use. The coefficient of elasticity declined from 1.

There have also been significant changes in the sectored pattern in the use of commercial energy. The share of industry increased from The share of agricultural sector rose steadily during this period from 1. The transport sector's share declined from As regards different fuels, the share of coal decreased steadily from In the total plan outlay, the share for energy increased from The shortage has already assumed the proportion of a crisis and the country has virtually fallen in a 'energy trap'.

The electricity boards of the states responsible for distribution of electricity incur heavy losses and are deep in debt, unable to pay the NTPC the price of power in time. There is also uneven spatial distribution of power in the country.

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One-fifth of the entire installed capacity and power generation is concentrated in two western states of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Together with Madhya Pradesh the western grid contributes one-fourth of the installed capacity and one-third of the total power generation of the country.

Although substantial portion of the central sector super thermal power plants are located in this belt, the region is power starved. Assam has as much installed capacity mw as Delhi mw but the ratio of power generation between the two is 1: On the other hand coal rich states of Bihar, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal have attracted thermal plants in the central sector to meet the power needs of heavy industries.

The regional imbalance in the installed capacity and power generation is likely to persist for a long time in future because very little attempts are being made to improve the situation.Energy: Essay on the Importance of Energy Production for India!

Essay on indian energy synario

The production and use of energy are vital to the economies of all countries. The mix of energy sources has profound consequences for environmental quality. Types of Energy Resources: The sun is the ultimate source of energy .

Short essay on Energy Scenario in India

In , India was the country that brought online the third largest amount of wind energy, after the US and China, and it now ranks fifth in total installed capacity with 10, MW of wind power installed at the end of Short Essay on Energy Scenario in India Article shared by India, though rich in coal and abundantly endowed with renewable energy in the form of hydro, wind, solar and bio-energy, has very small hydrocarbon reserves.

India has the 5th largest electricity generating capacity and is the 6th largest energy consumer amounting for around % of global energy consumption. India’s energy demand has grown at % pa over the past 30 by: 3.

Economic growth the world over is driven by energy, whether in the form of finite resources such as coal, oil and gas or in renewable forms such as hydroelectric, wind, solar and biomass, or its converted form, electricity.

What Is The Indian Energy Scenario Environmental Sciences Essay. word (15 pages) essay in Environmental Sciences Integrated Energy Policy Report brought out by the Planning Commission estimates that under an 8 per cent GDP growth scenario, India’s total energy requirements would be in the range of million tonnes of oil.

Essay on indian energy synario
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