Case analysis fenix del sur llc

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Case analysis fenix del sur llc

Some of these artifacts include jewelry and pottery from the Hopi and Navajo tribes.

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Only a true artist or collector of these items would know they were replicas, and they are good for gifts and decoration. The first problem is the fact that it is becoming increasingly harder to obtain these artifacts from the native countries. Subsequently, the competition to get these artifacts is the second major issue.

Case analysis fenix del sur llc

They are a leading company in selling authentic artifacts and are praised in the industry. Due to the exclusivity of the product that they sell, it can only be purchased at showings, by hand selected interior designers, exclusive department stores, and specialty dealers.

Another weakness is the fact that they are having to pay more for these artifacts as they are becoming harder to find, and having to subsequently charge their customers more. Taking the contract would also display more weaknesses for the company because they will be selling more replicas, therefore changing the market for their products and affecting there notoriety.

If they take it they will be present in a major chain of department stores, which will gain them more exposure and more customers, which will produce more revenue ultimately.

Threats to the company would include the difficulty they are experiencing getting these products from overseas due to regulations and other uncontrollable and controllable environmental factors that will be further discussed.

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One can infer that over time, with the amount of competitors there are, that these authentic pieces will become obsolete and that the only thing on the market will in fact be replicas. There are regulations, competitive and economic factors that play a part in how this business should operate.

Influences such as limited distribution, art interest of consumers changing, not having much product to push out to distributors amongst other things that can be financial red flags; maybe even leading to debt because they are spending more than what is being made.

That will be a huge risk to take considering customers and current dealers who are intrigued by the authenticity of the study of fe'nix del sur llc how would accepting the mass merchandisers Can I get a business analysis on the attached document - I full page will d Attached is the article and below are the questions that follow.

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Fenix del Sur, LLC Recommendation: Fenix del Sur, LLC should not enter into the contract with the Department store. Although the contract presents the opportunity to increase sales by $4 million, the long-term effects on the company can prove to be disastrous.

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