Business plan polytechnique de yaounde

And we enable children to prepare for-and respond to -crises and adversity. We drive changes in practice and policy at local, national and global levels using our reach, experience and knowledge.

Business plan polytechnique de yaounde

Medical equipment has a tough time in developing countries ; the supply of electricity is unreliable, components are costly and fragile, and there is a lack of qualified personnel for maintenance. The EssentialTech program brings together companies and research institutions from north and south with the common goal of developing new technologies that are custom made for the needs of developing countries.

Scientists are currently working on a medical imaging device that can operate in extreme and difficult conditions. More than two-thirds of medical equipment is never used The WHO statistics are alarming.

Even when the equipment can be put into service, electrical surges or hot and humid conditions often result in failure after just a few months of use. The first project is a medical imaging device designed specifically for the needs of developing countries.

Engineers are working on a power supply and a high-voltage circuit that can provide uninterrupted power in the presence of power surges and power outages. In Switzerland, more than 20 engineers are working together with the EPFL team to design the prototype.

The Universities of Applied Sciences in Yverdon and Sion are involved in developing the electrical circuits. On the industry side, scientists are benefiting from the know-how of Swiss company Betschart AG.

Cameroon is a partner in the project. Swiss and Cameroon researchers, with the participation of local partners, will field test the imaging device and put in place a strategy to deploy it at an affordable price.

It's the same with medical equipment destined for the outback. Except in our case, we have to take into account cost and mass-production considerations. The goal is clearly to establish a trade chain that can benefit each participant.

This is an important issue, according to Bertrand Klaiber, head of commercial strategy in EssentialTech. To ensure the survival of the system, you can't be dependent on sporadic donations; you have to develop chains for production, distribution, education and maintenance in which every actor is paid for his or her work.

The EssentialTech team is also already applying the basic idea in other critical areas such as drinking water treatment and energy. A complete first prototype of the imaging device should be ready within two years.Ecole Polytechnique de Yaounde + de conexões.

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business plan polytechnique de yaounde

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