Advanced java

How to add two numbers in Java?

Advanced java

Throwable getCause When is the main thread stop in java? When we execute the java program, it call Advanced java main method because main method is the first thread in the program. This main method or thread invokes the other thread which is required for the complete execution of the program.

Advanced java

The main thread should be the last thread in the program to end. What are the ways to create child threads? Implementing the Runnable Interface: This overcomes the limitation of inheriting from only one parent class Thread.

Using Runnable interface, lays a path to ground work of a class that utilizes threads.

Advanced java

It inherits the methods and data members, fields from the class thread. In this process only one class can be inherited from the parent class Thread. The Runnable interface is set for implementing a thread and the class that implements the interface performs all the work.

Why bytecode is important to Java? We need bytecode due to following reasons: What is an Iterator and explain traversing through a collector using Iterator?

We can access each element in the Collection by using Iterators irrespective of how they are organized in the collector.

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Iterator can be implemented a different way for every Collection. To use an iterator to traverse through the contents of a collection we do: Have the loop iterate as long as hasNext returns true.

What is Race condition? What is difference between Java and JavaScript? The difference between java and java scripts are: What is the difference between factory and abstract factory pattern?

The differences between factory and abstract factory are following:Java version(s): , Proxy settings for running applets can be controlled through the Java Control Panel.

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Find the Java Control Panel» Windows» Mac OS X. Configure Proxies through the Java Control Panel. In the Java Control Panel, under the General tab, click on Network Settings. Advanced Java Networking, Second Edition--an excellent introduction to sockets, RMI, IDL/CORBA, JDBC, and other APIs--surveys all the ways to create state-of-the-art server-side solutions with Java.

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1 CHAPTER 1 Development Setup A good example is the best sermon. —Benjamin Franklin In this chapter, you will learn how to configure your development environment.

The idea for my last blog post (my ten favorite online resources for advanced Java developers), was inspired by the Xiaoran Wang post Top 10 Websites for Advanced Level Java Developers.

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