A summary of our quest to prevent the romulan war

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A summary of our quest to prevent the romulan war

SynchronizedWritersBlock Nervos Belli said: If we do, I think it would be due to the buildup of a number of factors. Say we discover the Horizon has been supporting the KLC like we suspect. Then the accession of the Tauni and other races in that area leads to an influx of Councillors from worlds that are justifiably nervous of Horizon activities.

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The Tauni in particular may be eager to "rescue" some of their people we know stayed in the Horizon when they gained independence. A rise in anti-Horizon sentiment could lead to an Expansionist-Hawk wave of elections, in which case it might only need a minor incident to start a war.

A summary of our quest to prevent the romulan war

What may be important to look at is the next elections in Rigel and Betazoid space. If we see a shift away from Mercantile and Pacifist towards Expansion or even Hawk in response to the KLC attacks, that could indicate growing tensions in the border regions.

War is horrific, terrible, and would benefit few, the citizens of the Federation least of all. The Cardassians lost tens of thousands of spacers in one battle.

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To say nothing of civilian casualties, hardships placed on populations, and so on. Look at the hints that the Licori could slide into anti-government movements. Look at the failure of the K-R war to adequately claim resources for either side.

A summary of our quest to prevent the romulan war

Warfare might be a tool to implement some kind of solution afterwards, but it requires far more work than just crushing some fleets. It seems like the people of the Horizon are generally happy and that their government promotes the welfare of their people by peaceful means. There may be exceptions, like there were in the case of the Tauni, but I sincerely hope that those exceptions can be resolved in ways other than violence.

Maybe it will be necessary to have an accounting with the Harmony of Horizon. But there better be damn good reasons for that.

Maybe they really are directly behind the KLC, maybe they really did commit and then carefully hide atrocities against the Tauni or the ISC, maybe they really do have societal-level mind control or something equally heinous.A series of interstellar conflicts, most notably the Earth-Romulan War (which lasted from to ), slowly lead a number of civilizations to start working more and more closely together: Humans, Vulcans, Andorians, and Tellerites.

Jan 19,  · The fires of our rivalry had been fanned in the Muuzoi media to a fever pitch with the discussion of the Muuyo Fest on A Quiet Night In versus Poppin’ Bottles being almost always focused on our teams (supporting A Quiet Night In) and those of the Harmony (Poppin’ Bottles).

Oct 10,  · We spent a long time (quest wise) relying on Linderley's passive bonus without every indicating to our intelligence apparatus that we considered the activities of their counterparts to be of a high(ish) priority and it ended up costing us a number ships. The Romulan War: To Brave the Storm The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing is a Star Trek: Enterprise relaunch novel released 20 October This is the first Enterprise novel written solo by Michael A.

Martin, after having collaborated with Andy Mangels on three previous Enterprise novels, as well as on numerous other projects. Author: Michael A. Martin At the start of the twenty-­first century, unconditional war swept across the Earth.

A war that engulfed the great and .

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Humanity is now the only thing that stands between the Romulan Star Empire and total domination of the galaxy. To drive humans from the stars, the Romulans employ ruthless and murderous tactics and even dare to strike on the Vulcan homeworld with the hopes of demoralizing their Vulcan alphabetnyc.com(s): Michael A.


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