A life of maria montessori in school

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A life of maria montessori in school

Maria Montessori and unique to her research-based approach, is now overused to the point of meaninglessness. But rather than give up on Dr. Montessori wrote " The Absorbent Mind " based on her decades of childhood research. She writes of her pedagogical theory: Maria Montessori applied a scientific technique to the observation of natural development in students and concluded there are a number of important concepts concerning childhood growth and development: Optimum growth is affected by the environment.

Montessori observed that growth can be enhanced by the environment in which the child grows. Growth occurs in spurts.

Montessori observed that growth occurs in stages which have peaks and valleys. Intelligence increases with experience. Each child has a unique potential. Montessori observed that the child did not come as a clean slate and then became a product of his cultural experiences.

She believed that the child has innate tendencies to become human with a vast potentiality that was largely wasted in conventional education. Montessori observed that education must place its greatest energies towards serving the child for the betterment of society and the evolution of humankind as a species.

Children love to learn. Montessori observed that children pursued knowledge with vigor and enthusiasm.

A life of maria montessori in school

The Montessori method structures education to meet the developmental needs of the growing child without preconceived curricula or a directive approach.

This she called an education for life. An Education for Life. Mission Our mission is to nurture children to be creative, eager learners as they discover their full potential and become responsible, global citizens.Dr.

Maria Montessori was the first Italian women who earned a Doctorate degree in She is the founder of the Montessori Method of Education. In and , Montessori's work was popular and widely publicized in the United States, especially in a series of articles in McClure's Magazine, and the first North American Montessori school was opened in October , in Tarrytown, New York.

Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and educator who developed the approach of education that carries her name. She opened the first Montessori school over a century ago in Rome, and today there are several schools all over the world which follow her way of teaching.

A Montessori teacher training center with a model Montessori school has been built in Rome; collaboration between Maria Montessori and the architects.

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First International Montessori Congress in Helsingør, Denmark. Maria Montessori was born on the 31st August in the town of Chiaravalle, Italy.

Her father, Alessandro, was an accountant in the civil service, and her mother, Renilde Stoppani, was well educated and had a passion for reading. "An Education for Life," has become a marketing catchphrase in education.

What was first coined by Dr. Maria Montessori and unique to her research-based approach, is now overused to the point of meaninglessness.

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