A discussion and evaluation of the economic and social regeneration of the highlands and island regi

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A discussion and evaluation of the economic and social regeneration of the highlands and island regi

To what extent are the expected outputs being produced? Number of parks with monitoring programs that meet program criteria and guidelines. Number of parks where monitoring program is being implemented as designed i. Number of relevant research activities undertaken.

Obituaries - , - Your Life Moments Perspectives of Distance Learning Students in Remote Rural Areas of Scotland Ronald Macintyre and Janet Macdonald The Open University in Scotland Abstract Distance learning is seen as the obvious answer for remote learners, and the use of online media is expected to overcome any access difficulties imposed by geographical distance.

Extent to which available information i. Ecological integrity monitoring and reporting provides managers with information to make informed decisions in support of Agency objectives, and to communicate the ecological state of national parks to decision-makers and Canadians.

Ecological integrity monitoring should answer two key questions: Definitions of key terms and concepts for understanding EI monitoring at the Agency are shown below.

Indicator EI indicators represent the major ecosystems that occur in a park i. Each EI indicator is a composite index of a small suite of EI measures. Measure EI measures are selected to track key biodiversityand ecological processes for the major park ecosystems e.

Condition Monitoring An assessment of the ecological condition of a park, based on EI indicators.

A discussion and evaluation of the economic and social regeneration of the highlands and island regi

Effectiveness Monitoring An assessment of the ecological outcomes of specific management actions; provides information to report on the ecological effectiveness of actions and investments.

Condition The condition of each EI indicator good, fair or poor EI is derived from a rule-based assessment of its suite of related EI measures. Trends may be positive, negative or stable based on direction of movement from a defined threshold.

Threshold Monitoring thresholds are established to assess and report the condition of each measure.

The Snowy Mountains Hydro-electric Scheme (hereafter referred to as 'the Scheme') was and remains one of the largest engineering and construction projects in the world. The Scheme's two major functions are the generation of electricity and the provision of water for irrigation. Janet R. Macdonald Open University in Scotland United Kingdom Dr Janet Macdonald is an independent HE consultant who has worked in distance education for 20 years and was formerly the Learning and Teaching Coordinator (elearning) at the Open University in Scotland. Since then, UNDP’s matching development assistance has been in stride with Malaysia’s own five-year national development plans. Over the next three decades, assistance was aimed at expanding and deepening the industrial base and promoting industrial dispersal to less developed states.

They are the levels of an EI measure that represent good, fair or poor EI. Target Targets are ecologically-based management goals, for a particular EI indicator or management action. Our literature review found that designing and implementing credible, sustainable monitoring programs has been a challenge internationally.

Monitoring programs are frequently initiated but discontinued due to the costs, particularly in northern environments. The focus group of conservation experts and the external stakeholders agreed that PCA is regarded as a world leader in developing its ecological integrity monitoring program.

The Agency intiatially set out its modern framework for EI monitoring in national parks in and Key changes from the earlier guidance include: The guidelines specify that remote sensing, supported by a core suite of ground sampling measures, will be the cornerstone for monitoring EI in northern parks.

Under the guidelines, EI monitoring information i.

Dr Joseph Tzanopoulos - School of Anthropology and Conservation - University of Kent

The use of ICE is intended to: While monitoring guidelines outline the data entry and maintenance responsibility for Field Unit Superintendents and Resource Conservation Managers, no specific timelines for data entry was included.

During the evaluation, senior managers indicated that they expect the data to be updated at least once a year to meet requirements for corporate reporting. We found the revised guidance to be detailed, practical and comprehensive.It must also reflect our current knowledge on the biology of feral pigs, their impact, distribution, social and economic consequences, regulatory controls, management techniques and strategies, and research needs (Braysher and Saunders, ).

This course equips you with a well-developed understanding of both international financial reporting and management accounting. You will explore the theoretical principles of these subjects and the issues and challenges faced by companies when applying them.

The mega-diverse, Mediterranean-type fynbos biome may be vulnerable to future changes in climate and associated fire regimes, in particular to increasing summer-drought intensity and associated potential expansion of adjacent semi-arid vegetation types. Policies targeting individual companies for economic development incentives, such as tax holidays and abatements, are generally seen as inefficient, economically costly, and distortionary.

Despite this evidence, politicians still choose to use these policies to claim credit for attracting investment. Evaluation of the Single Regeneration Budget Challenge Fund; an Examination of Unsuccessful Bids. Published by the Department of Transport, Environment and the Regions.

Department of Land Economy Discussion paper 74, ScottAtran is a senior research scientist at the CNRSInstitut Jean Nicod, Paris, and the Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich.

, U.S.A. [[email protected]] and Leverhulme visiting professor of anthropology at the University of London.

An economic evaluation of the Highlands and Islands teledentistry project.